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70 Shidami, Kazo, Saitama, 347-0042 Japan
TEL: +81-480-61-5880 FAX: +81-480-61-5749
Satoshi KAMEYA
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Yashima Shoukai started a forklift business in Tokyo in 1980. In the early days we sold mainly to customers in Japan.
Year by year, our company added more forklift models to its inventory. In 1990 we moved to a site with a much larger stockyard in Kazo City.
As our inventory increased, our customer base grew not only in Japan, but also throughout Asia and Europe. Customers preferred us as their source for high-quality forklifts made in Japan.
We now export many containers to customers all around the world.
Together with our partners
Yashima Shoukai is a nationally prominent exporting enterprise specialized in used forklifts.
We have a history of more than 35 years as a used forklift exporter and have earned the complete trust of all of the buyers and end user customers we serve.
Our mission is to deliver used Japanese forklifts to partners throughout the world and develop successful businesses in various countries.
To realize this mission, Yashima Shoukai always keeps an inventory of more than 1,000 used forklifts. Models from all Japanese forklift makers are always on hand. When an order comes in we quickly ship the products out in container units that meet customer requirements.
Exporting to 70 or more countries
Yashima Shoukai has a long track record as an exporting enterprise specializing in used forklifts. We are now doing business with partners in more than 70 countries.
A wide range of vehicles in stock
We stock forklift models produced by Toyota, Komatsu, Sumitomo, NICHIYU, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Shinko, TCM, and all other forklift manufacturers in Japan. (We also handle trucks, shovels, batteries, and drive motors and parts)
Maintaining vehicles through a perfect system
We have maintenance/servicing facilities within our yard to meet the various requirements of our customers.
Our full-time maintenance/servicing personnel operate a flawless system for vehicle maintenance to ensure prompt shipment at any time.
Maintenance, management
Large-volume orders quickly filled
We always keep 1,000 or more units in stock to ensure that large-volume orders will be quickly filled. Many customers come our stockyard to check our vehicles every day.
70 Shidami, Kazo, Saitama, 347-0042 Japan
TEL: +81-480-61-5880 FAX: +81-480-61-5749
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